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Have you ever felt embarrassed or hesitant to show your smile?  Do you wish you could change your teeth? Dr. Grantham, our cosmetic dentist in Copperas Cove, Texas, cannot wait to talk to you about the cosmetic dental options available at Cove Family Dental.

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Gain Confidence & Achieve Your Perfect Smile

Welcome to our dental office, where we provide comprehensive cosmetic dentistry services to enhance the appearance of your teeth and smile. We understand that a healthy and beautiful smile is important to your confidence and self-esteem, which is why we offer a variety of cosmetic dental treatments that are designed to meet your specific needs.

As a trusted cosmetic dentist in Copperas Cove, TX, we offer the following cosmetic dental services:

Dental Implants

Dental implants are an excellent solution for replacing missing or damaged teeth. They are a permanent solution that looks and feels like your natural teeth. Dental implants involve surgically placing a titanium post into your jawbone to provide support for a crown or bridge. This treatment is a great option for individuals with missing teeth or those who are unhappy with their dentures or bridges. At our Cove Family Dental, we offer dental implant placement and restoration to help you achieve a beautiful and healthy smile.

Learn more about dental implants here.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are a wonderful cosmetic solution for permanently stained, chipped, discolored, or crooked teeth. Veneers are strong, durable, and attractive. Dr. Grantham and his team seem to work miracles as they can get you the straight, white smile in as little as one visit!  The E4D Technologies system allows Dr. Grantham to create perfectly fitting veneers in a single appointment. With little to no prep of your natural tooth, thin, natural-looking, durable porcelain can be adhered to your teeth to get you nearly instant results. Same-day veneers are an amazing way to transform your smile.

Want to learn more? Visit our veneers page.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a cosmetic dental treatment that can fix minor imperfections in your teeth, such as chips, cracks, and gaps. It involves applying a tooth-colored composite resin material to your teeth and then shaping and polishing it to create a natural-looking tooth surface. Dental bonding is a quick and affordable way to improve the appearance of your smile.

Porcelain Dental Bridges

Porcelain dental bridges are a solution for missing teeth for patients that are not candidates for dental implants. Bridges are designed to span the gap created by missing teeth and are anchored to adjacent teeth. They are typically made of porcelain or ceramic materials that mimic the appearance of natural teeth. Cove Family Dental offers porcelain dental bridges to restore your smile and improve oral health.

Learn more about our porcelain dental bridges here.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are a cosmetic dental treatment that can improve the appearance of a damaged or decayed tooth. A crown is a tooth-shaped cap that is placed over the existing tooth to protect it and restore its appearance. Dental crowns are made of durable materials, such as porcelain or ceramic, designed to match the color of your natural teeth. Cove Family Dental offers dental crowns as a solution to various dental problems, including broken, cracked, or severely decayed teeth.

Learn more about our same-day dental crowns here.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental treatment that can brighten your smile and enhance your appearance. Over time, your teeth can become discolored or stained due to a variety of factors, such as aging, smoking, or consuming certain foods and drinks. Teeth whitening involves using a special bleaching agent to remove stains and restore the natural color of your teeth. At Cove Family Dental, we offer both in-office and take-home teeth whitening treatments to meet your individual needs.


Invisalign® is a modern and discreet alternative to traditional braces that can straighten your teeth and improve your smile. Invisalign® involves using a series of clear plastic aligners that are custom-made to fit your teeth and gradually shift them into the desired position. The aligners are virtually invisible, so you can straighten your teeth without anyone noticing. At our dental office, we offer Invisalign® as a solution to straighten your teeth and enhance your smile.

Learn More About Invisalign® Here

Six-Month Smiles Cosmetic Braces

Many Copperas, Texas residents feel they have missed the opportunity for a straight smile. Oftentimes, adults don’t want the financial burden or time commitment of traditional braces.  The good news is that Cove Family Dental can get you the straight smile you thought you could never have in as little as six months. We offer a cosmetic alternative to traditional braces called Six Month Smiles. Six Month Smiles can correct crooked teeth, crowded teeth, overlapped teeth, or spaces or gaps between teeth in as little as six months!

Learn more about our cosmetic braces and other orthodontic treatments here.

The Cost of Cosmetic Dentistry

For many, the financial aspect of cosmetic dentistry has stopped them from realizing their full smile potential. At Cove Family Dental, we don’t want you to wait any longer!  We offer smart, in-office financing that can help you achieve your goals sensibly. Learn more about our financing options here.

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Our dental office strives to provide our patients with high-quality cosmetic dentistry services in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Dr. Grantham is highly trained and experienced in performing these cosmetic dental treatments. He uses the latest technology and techniques to ensure that you receive the best possible results.

When you come to our dental office for cosmetic dentistry services, we will evaluate your dental health and discuss your cosmetic goals. We will then create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your individual needs and preferences. Our goal is to help you achieve the smile of your dreams and to improve your overall oral health. Whether you are interested in teeth whitening, dental implants, or any other cosmetic dental treatment, we are here to help you achieve your goals.

If you are looking for a highly recommended cosmetic dentist in Copperas Cove, TX, look no further than our dental office. We are committed to providing our patients with the highest level of care and service and are dedicated to helping you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.

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