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Your Crown Is Ready In Just One Visit!

High-tech dentistry can shorten treatment times and deliver impressively realistic care! Our office stands apart from others because we make and place custom crowns in just one appointment, eliminating the need for multiple office visits, temporary restorations, and downtime.

How Can You Make My Crown At Your Office?

We use the PlanScan CAD/CAM Restoration System to digitize the steps in crown production. As a result, every step in making and placing a crown takes place right here in our office!

Will My Crown Fit Properly?

We take precise digital measurements and use them in the design of your crown, leading to a precise fit for your custom restoration. No goopy impressions here!

What Will My Crown Look Like?

Our office milling machine makes crowns from a durable, tooth-colored dental ceramic. We can even match the crown to the color of your neighboring teeth! 

Can A Same Day Crown Withstand Bite Pressure? 

You can bite and chew with your same day crown, which means you will not have to make any awkward changes to the way you eat. We will check the fit, feel, and function of your restoration after we place it to ensure your comfort.

How Long Will My Same Day Crown Last?

If you practice good hygiene and keep up with general dental checkups, your same day crown will last for many years. We check on older restorations during your appointments and can let you know when one will need to be replaced.