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Better Planning And Implant Placement

Dental implants are the answer for tooth loss and missing teeth. They improve bite strength and keep restorations secure, which helps you feel like you regained your full smile. 

We use 3D imaging and guided placement so that your implant is in its exact right spot, ensuring its appearance and function and your comfort for years to come. 

Why Is The Location Of My Implant So Important?

Your dental implant must be placed in the space where your teeth roots were located. By finding the precise position and right angle, we provide more support for your restoration and better preserve your jawbone health.

How Does 3D Imaging Affect Treatment Plans?

3D imaging offers the best information about your jaw. We can examine the structure in detail, check its health and density, and find potential complications before your placement occurs.

Can You Plan The Placement Of More Than One Implant?

We are able to place more than one implant for a patient. With all-on-4 implant dentures, we can set four implants that will hold a full denture and replace an entire row of teeth!

How Long Will It Take To Regain My Full Smile?

Depending on your current oral health and treatment needs, you may qualify for same-day implants. A replacement tooth will be affixed after your implant and abutment are put in place, which restores your full smile until you are ready for your permanent replacement tooth.