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Technology For Early Cavity Treatment

The sooner a cavity is found, the better. We use DIAGNODent, a laser-based treatment tool, so that we can find and treat decay as soon as possible!

Why Do You Use Lasers To Look For Tooth Decay?

Laser fluorescence can identify caries—fissures in the tooth structure—before they can be seen by the naked eye during a regular dental exam and cleaning. 

What Is The Benefit Of Finding A Cavity Earlier In Its Formation?

Cavities permanently damage our tooth structure when they form. Simply put, the longer it takes to find and treat yours, the more damage is done to your tooth.

Should I Really Be Worried About A Cavity If My Tooth Doesn’t Hurt?

Cavities require treatment before they become painful. By the time you feel discomfort, your cavity can be severe enough to require advanced treatment.

How Will I Look After Cavity Treatment?

We take care of our patients with remarkably strong tooth-colored materials, so your cavity treatment will not affect your smile!