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Using OralID To Screen For Oral Cancer

In addition to a visual exam at every appointment, we use OralID’s fluorescence technology to look for abnormal growths that need to be screened for oral cancer. With regular screenings, we’re able to catch abnormalities early and begin treatment quickly.

How Often Should I Be Screened For Oral Cancer? 

We perform oral cancer screenings during dental checkups. The need for screenings is based on factors like age, past health issues and habits, family history, and more.

How Does Fluorescence Affect Oral Cancer Screening? 

OralID uses fluorescence technology to check for oral cancer, precancerous growths, and other lesions that need to be biopsied. The blue light this technology emits highlights suspicious areas a visual exam can miss.

What Happens If An Abnormal Growth Is Found?

If a potential problem is found, we will evaluate it closely in the office and determine if a biopsy is needed. We will then schedule a follow-up visit to discuss the results and, if needed, determine a treatment plan. 

How Can I Lower My Risk For Oral Cancer?

Avoiding alcohol and tobacco products lowers your risk for oral cancer. Better general health habits and limiting your sun exposure will also help protect you.