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A Better Way To Perform Sensitive Treatments

Dr. Grantham uses lasers to address potentially sensitive problems with tooth structure and soft tissues. Using laser dentistry is a conservative way to preserve healthy tissue and makes treatment and your recovery easier and more comfortable!

The Solea® Dental Laser

The Solea laser is a leader in dental laser technology. With the Solea Dental Laser, you can look forward to the following even when you need advanced work done:

  • Virtually needle-free procedures
  • The effective removal of the stressful “drill” sound made by other tools
  • A shorter and easier treatment
  • Fewer appointments 
  • Fast and easy recovery

When Is The Solea® Dental Laser Used?

The Solea Dental Laser is useful for many types of dental care, from the placement of dental fillings to oral surgery. It is effective for work on hard tissues like tooth enamel as well as the soft tissues of the gums and mouth.

What Makes Treatment With Lasers Different From Other Services?

Lasers are more precise than manual tools, and they do a better job killing bacteria that can cause infections. They also protect you by limiting tissue damage and bleeding, making a procedure more conservative overall.

What Happens After My Treatment?

Because lasers minimize bleeding and tissue damage, you won’t need any suturing, so recovery is usually quick and easy.

Soft Tissue Laser Diode Frenectomy

Soft tissue laser diode frenectomy is an alternative to traditional oral surgery with manual tools. By responding to serious threats to your gums and other soft tissues in this way, Dr. Grantham can more effectively kill bacteria, protect surrounding tissues, and limit bleeding. You no longer have to worry about a slow or uncomfortable recovery process after your procedure, and you can even avoid the need for sutures!