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Dr. Grantham wants to make sure the residents of Copperas Cove, Texas live long and healthy lives.  That is why, even if you have heard it a thousand times, he will stress the importance of regular visits to his amazing and compassionate hygiene team. The team is welcoming and will ease any insecurity you may have about visiting the dentist.  If it has been years since your last cleaning, it is the perfect opportunity to have a wellness exam completed.

dentist in copperas cove with a patient after cosmetic dental treatment

Not only are regular cleanings and exams important to keep oral infections like gum disease and cavities at bay, the preventive care can have an impact on your oral health and your systemic health.

Infections of the mouth can cause expensive damage to the teeth and soft tissues; preventive appointments and home care can reduce your risk. Additionally, infections like gum disease and tooth decay can contribute to or aggravate systemic medical issues like diabetes, heart disease and stroke. If you want to keep your dental costs down and your body well, give Dr. Grantham a call.

It has been a while, what can I expect at my hygiene check up?

The Cove Family Dental team will make you feel right at home when you come in for your check up. They will walk you through each step of your evaluation to make sure you are informed and comfortable. You will be asked to share any concerns or changes you may have noticed, such as tooth discoloration, bad breath, sensitivity to hot and cold, or bleeding during brushing or flossing.  The team will then complete a wellness check to make sure they are taking the best possible care of you. They will complete a:

  • Review of health history (medication use, changes in systemic health, etc.)
  • Gum disease assessment
  • Bone health assessment
  • Check of existing restorations
  • FREE oral cancer screening
  • Home care routine review (brushing and flossing)
  • Laser cavity detection screening
  • Review of any other concerns you may have

The team will also provide the best teeth cleaning in Texas (or at least we think so!).

We know it is difficult for some to come to the dentist. Please know that we understand and have options like conscious sedation available. We also offer in-office financing if you are without dental insurance that covers preventive appointments.  We look forward to partnering with you in your oral health. Give us a call today at (254) 845-7531 .

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