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The Right Imaging Leads To Fantastic Care!

The right treatment starts with the right information. We use advanced imaging and screening tools to capture better information and make patient care more comfortable! 

Digital X-Rays And Your Oral Health

Digital x-ray technology captures images of your teeth and oral structures while producing significantly less radiation. Your images are ready immediately and easy to look at. We’ll discuss our findings with you so that you play an active role in treatment planning.

Intraoral Cameras And Your Examination

We use intraoral cameras to closely inspect every part of your mouth. Small and easy to maneuver, this camera gives us a clear look at areas that are normally hard to view.

The iTero Element Scanner And Your Invisalign Treatment

With the iTero Element Scanner, we capture full 3D impressions of your teeth and oral structures to plan Invisalign treatment. You never have to bite into goopy plaster to make a physical mold, and the scanner can show you what your finished smile will look like post treatment!

Other Forms Of Scanning Technology We Use

We put your health in good hands with the following visual and measurement tools: