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Effective And Discreet Cavity Care 

With laser technology, we do more for our patients when it comes to finding and treating cavities. We also have solutions when patients need significant dental work that includes treatment for decay.

How Can I Tell If I Have A Cavity?

Cavities become painful over time, but don’t start that way. Visual examinations from Dr. Grantham and DIAGNOdent technology will find decay before you are aware of a problem.

Do I Really Need Treatment If My Cavity Doesn’t Hurt? 

Tooth decay can be a problem long before you feel pain. Cavity detection with laser fluorescence can find trouble in its earliest stages, which means we can save more of your enamel while you avoid discomfort!

Will Your Cavity Treatment Change My Smile?

Between our laser-based filling treatments and same day crowns, we make cavity care easier and provide desirable results! 

Can Cavity Treatment Always Save A Tooth? 

Cavities that go untreated for too long lead to infections and potential tooth loss. We thoroughly examine severe cavities and provide your full treatment options, including replacement with a dental implant-held restoration.

How Can I Do A Better Job Avoiding Cavities?

Combine better oral hygiene habits, smarter diet choices, and consistent checkups with your dentist to lower your cavity risks!