All-On-4 Implants

All-on-4 Implants® is a permanent solution for transforming your smile. Full mouth dental implant restoration is the strongest, lightest, and most comfortable type of tooth restoration. All-On-4 technology lets you say goodbye to dentures that slip and move throughout the day.

Why You Should Replace Missing Teeth

Your face is interconnected, and losing a tooth can lead to bone deterioration and muscle dilution which can make your face look older, as well as cause various other health issues. This is because, when you are missing teeth, you run the risk of your teeth shifting which impacts the overall structure of your face. By replacing a missing tooth you can help to preserve the other teeth. If every tooth is placed in your mouth in a neat row as it should, it will help keep them straight and steady which prevents further deterioration. If you only need to replace a single tooth, dental implants is the best option for you! If you need to replace multiple teeth, then All-on-4 is what you need!

What is All-on-4 Implants?

All-on-4 is also known as All-on-Four or All-in-Four. It is a surgical and prosthodontics procedure performed by a dental specialist. All-on-4 uses dental implants and is the most comfortable type of tooth restoration. This technology uses titanium implants that look like tiny rods or screws that are placed into the jawbone. The Implants are used to replace the tooth’s root, allowing for fixed cross arch dental prostheses to be placed for a natural feel.

The Benefits:

  • Signifcantly Enhance your appearance
  • Less expensive for replacing multiple missing teeth
  • The feel of fully functioning, new teeth.
  • You can eat food without reservations
  • Long-lasting
  • Reduce health problems caused by missing teeth
  • Easy to maintain

Am I a Candidate For This Procedure?

All-on-4 implants are suitable for many different patients. It is a great option for you if you have lost most or all of your teeth or need to have your entire set of teeth removed. It is also an excellent option for patients who have suffered bone loss. For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our dental office.

The All-On-Four Procedure

We understand that many patients find any dental surgery frightening. It can be nerve-wracking to get dental implants for the first time.  We don’t want our patients to be anxious about this procedure. Let’s take it step by step:

  1. To make sure you are comfortable during a procedure such as this, local or general anesthesia will be administered to you. This will help you relax and ensure you do not feel pain.
  2. We start by preparing your mouth for the titanium screws to be place. Dr. Grantham will remove any infected or diseased gum tissue from your jaws and gums to set the foundation for your new smile.
  3. Dr. Grantham will then move on to the implantation phase, which involves inserting the screws into the jawbone in the appropriate positions. To evenly distribute the force of chewing, there are usually two screws at the front and two at each end of the mouth.
  4. Once the dentures are secured, Dr. Grantham will clean and suture the incisions, and then transport you to the recovery area for you to rest and recuperate from the anesthesia. That’s it!

Cost of All-on-4 Implants

Patients on a budget will find that all-on-4 implants are the most cost-effective option to replace a whole upper or lower set. They are also less invasive than replacing many individual teeth, so they can be an excellent choice for patients who are nervous about having to have dental work done.

Here are the factors that allow All-on-4 implants to be less expensive than traditional dental implants: For conventional dental implants to work correctly and stay in place, it was necessary to have sufficient bone. Many candidates had to have a bone transplant before they could get their implants. This made the process more complicated and required additional surgeries. This increased both the cost and time to recover. Thankfully, All-on-4 implants no longer require bone grafts. The titanium rod will fuse to the bone surrounding it, preventing your jawbone from falling further.

copperas cove dentist showing a patient how all-on-four dental implants work

We provide All-on-4 Implants in Copperas Cove

Are you ready for a new smile that lasts? Our dentist provides All-on-4 Implants in Copperas Cove and for the surrounding areas. We know most people would rather not visit the dentist, so our #1 goal at Cove Family Dental is to make your visit with us as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Call us today for more information!